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By Top Shelf Photographer D. Scott Dinn

2018-19 Stanley Cup Conference Semi-Finals
  • 2019/05/08 vs. Colorado Avalanche (3-2 Win)

    2018-19 Stanley Cup Conference Quarter-Finals

  • 2019/04/23 vs. Vegas Golden Knights (5-4 OT Win)

    2016 Stanley Final

  • 2016/06/12 Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Champions
  • 2016/06/12 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (1-3 Loss)
  • 2016/06/06 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (1-3 Loss)
  • 2016/06/04 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (3-2 Win)

    2016 Stanley Cup Western Conference Finals

  • 2016/05/21 vs. St. Louis (3-6 Loss)
  • 2016/05/21 vs. St. Louis Pre-Game Presentation *BONUS*

    In Game Three of the Sharks vs. Blues series, San Jose dominated. Bay Area fans began to salivate over thoughts of the clubís first Stanley Cup Final appearance. Whoah! Hold on there. The two additional required wins were going to be tough to come by. St Louis roared out to a 4-0 lead in Game Four at the SAP Center. The Sharks surged in the third period, but lost 6-3.

    On goalie Martin Jones

    Tommy Wingels:
    "We hung him out to dry tonight. He made some big saves and gave us a chance. But we kept giving them more opportunities on their rushes. So itís certainly not on Jonesy at all."


    "We got away from our game. Our game is going north with it. Itís getting pucks past their D-men in the neutral zone. And the forecheck. And we got away from that. We turned pucks over. We turned it into a track meet for the first 20, 30 minutes. This teamís not going to win like that. Turnovers, not being on the right side of pucks, thatís not our game. And you see the result, when we donít play our game. We know what works."

    Whatís ahead:

    "Weíre in a dogfight now. Itís two to two. Itís a best of three now. And thatís fine."

    Paul Martin
    "It wasnít our best effort early. They executed. We didnít, reallyÖ until the end of the game. We had a couple of costly turnovers. Weíre better than that. We need to make better plays. We didnít have a consistent game today. The last two, even the first, we played more of a complete game. We managed the puck better and spent more time in their zone for the first three games"

    Focusing on Game Five:

    "We know how good we are and how good we can play when we play like we did in the third, and have a little more desperation. Weíll clean up a couple things, but I donít think we need to change too much."

    Will the Sharks regular season of road success give them confidence as they return to St. Louis?

    "It can. As a team, we know how to play on the road. The way the year went, we were comfortable on the road. As a team, we play a simpler game, a harder game, manage the puck better. So I think that translates to better hockey for us."

    2016 Stanley Cup Conference Semi-Finals

  • 2016/05/12 vs. Nashville Predators (5-0 Win)

    Following the Sharks dominating Game 7 win over the Predators, Top Shelf talked with Brent Burns and Patrick Marleau:

    On whether the Sharks can carry forth any momentum from the big win.

    Brent Burns:
    ďItís always game by game. Itís a totally different team. So, no.Ē

    Aside from Game 7, what impressed him about the Predators during this series.

    ďYou donít get here by accident. Theyíre a great team. It was a lot of fun to play in that building. I think itís one of the loudest buildings to play in. So I think players were pretty lucky, having two really loud buildings to play in through the whole series. Itís always fun, Game 7. Itís more fun if you win, but itís a special experience to play in.Ē

    On the strong start in Game 7, then sustaining the intensity for the full 60:

    Patrick Marleau:
    You want to get that first one. Once you get the first one, you feel good, but you know you canít let up for a second.

    Is there a greater sense of confidence within this team, than in previous Sharks squads?

    Each year, itís a new team, but this group here has some confidence in us, definitely. And in any game, we know weíre in it, so we just keep working. We think we can win games that way - by winning the little battles.

    From what youíve seen of the Blues in the regular season, what are the biggest challenges you think theyíll present?

    Weíre going to have to keep it up. Thereís a lot more hockey to be played. The parity in the league is very strong these days, so we know weíre in for a battle.

  • 2016/05/01 vs. Nashville Predators (3-2 Win)

    The San Jose Sharks have shown playoff promise before. But this seasonís edition may be poised for greatness. What is the special chemistry thatís making the team click so well, so far?

    Logan Couture:
    ďThroughout the playoffs, weíve had some guys step up at different times, depth players. So if itís not a real good game for some guys, weíre still able to find a win. Thatís always nice.Ē

    Joe Pavelski:
    ďWe have really good balance, between older guys and younger guys. Everybodyís caring about each other. There have been some really good additions, good character guys who have come inÖ and that helps. The guys have played well, through the course of the season. Everybodyís bought in. It all kind of adds up to good play. Thereís still a long ways to go, but itís fun, playing together.Ē

    Did the win over the Kings in Round One give them confidence they can carry through the next rounds?

    ďAll these series are tough. When you win a series, you feel good about yourself. You understand itís a good step for the big picture. But thereís more. And they never get easier. They get harder. But the guys have done a good job. There have been a lot of contributions.Ē

    2016 Stanley Cup Conference Quarter-Finals

  • 2016/04/20 vs. Los Angeles Kings (3-2 Win)

    2015-2016 Sharks Season

  • 2016/03/12 vs. Washington Capitals
  • 2015/11/29 vs. Calgary Flames
  • 2015/11/10 Paul Martin #7

    2014-2015 Sharks Season

  • 2015/03/14 vs. Chicago Blackhawks
  • 2015/03/09 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
  • 2015/01/21 vs. Los Angeles (Metallica Night)
  • 2014/09/30 vs. Los Angeles (pre-season)

    2014 Stanley Cup Conference Quarter-Finals

  • 2014/04/17 vs. Los Angeles Kings (6-3 Win)

    2013-2014 Sharks Season

  • 2014/03/20 vs. Anaheim Ducks (3-2 Win)
  • 2013/11/29 vs. St. Louis Blues (6-3 Win)
  • 2013/10/03 vs. Vancouver Canucks (4-1 Win)

    2013 Stanley Cup Conference Semi-Finals

  • 2013/05/21 vs. Los Angeles Kings (2-1 Win)

    2013 Stanley Cup Conference Quarter-Finals

  • 2013/05/07 vs. Vancouver Canucks (4-3 Win)

    2012-2013 Sharks Season

  • 2013/04/23 vs. Dallas Stars (3-2 Win)
  • 2013/04/05 vs. Calgary Flames (2-1 Win)
  • 2013/04/01 vs. Vancouver Canucks (3-2 Win)
  • 2013/02/26 vs. Colorado Avalanche (3-2 Win SO)
  • 2013/02/05 vs. Chicaco Blackhawks (3-5 Loss)
  • 2013/01/24 vs. Phoenix Coyotes (5-3 Win)

    2012 Stanley Cup Conference Quarter-Finals

  • 2012/04/19 vs. Saint Louis Blues (1-2 Loss)
  • 2012/04/16 vs. Saint Louis Blues (3-4 Loss)

    2011-2012 Sharks Season

  • 2012/03/26 vs. Colorado Avalanche (5-1 Win)
  • 2012/03/22 vs. Boston Bruins (2-1 Win)
  • 2012/03/19 vs. Anaheim Ducks (3-5 Loss)
  • 2012/03/15 vs. Nashville Predators (2-1 Win,SO)
  • 2012/03/06 vs. Edmonton Oilers (2-3 Loss,SO)
  • 2012/03/01 vs. Buffalo Sabres (0-1 Loss)
  • 2012/02/28 vs. Philadelphia Flyers (1-0 Win)
  • 2012/02/02 vs. Dallas Stars (5-2 Win)
  • 2012/01/19 vs. Ottawa Senators (1-4 Loss)
  • 2012/01/17 vs. Calgary Flames (2-1 Win,SO)
  • 2012/01/07 vs. Washington Capitals (5-2 Win)
  • 2012/01/05 vs. Columbus Blue Jackets (2-1 Win)
  • 2011/12/28 vs. Vancouver Canucks (2-3 Loss,OT)
  • 2011/12/21 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning (7-2 Win)
  • 2011/12/17 vs. Edmonton Oilers (3-2 Win)
  • 2011/12/08 vs. Dallas Stars (5-2 Win)
  • 2011/12/06 vs. Minnesota Wild (1-2 Loss)
  • 2011/11/23 vs. Chicago Blackhawks (1-0 Win)
  • 2011/11/17 vs. Detroit Red Wings (5-2 Win)
  • 2011/11/07 vs. Los Angeles Kings (4-2 Win)
  • 2011/11/03 vs. Pittsburg Penguins (4-3 Win,SO)
  • 2011/10/17 vs. Anaheim Ducks (2-3 Loss)
  • 2011/10/08 vs. Phoenix Coyotes (6-3 win)

    2011-2012 Sharks Pre-Season

  • 2011/09/29 vs. Vancouver Canucks (3-0 win)
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